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what's on offer?

A. Fixed rate annual interest

B. Profit share

Proven Results: successful pilot year sale and valuation margins comfortably allow above average interest payments to investors.

Sector: Portugal's rural interior traditionally is a low-risk and stable sector but has been gaining in popularity as coastal and city property prices exceed people's budgets and financial capacity. 

Terms for A: Fixed rate annual interest: repayable in full, plus interest after a year with a three month notice period. The agreement is open-ended to allow funds to remain invested and attract annual interest payments, transferred within 14-days of each anniversary. 

Terms for B: Profit share: Funds are linked to a defined property development with a payout when this is sold. The timeline for each project will vary. The final resale date is an unknown factor. Projects to date have been completed and sold within a 12-month period. 


Security: the Company buys and owns its development properties, has a tight and professional team, has low overheads, negotiates at advantageous prices and sells into a growing market.

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