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property - why Portugal?


For incoming property buyers, lifestyle, price, safety and stability are major factors, alongside Portugal’s enviable climate.


There already is a rapidly increasing demand for village and countryside properties as people move from cities and incoming foreign buyers seek countryside locations for reasons of lifestyle and cost while avoiding Covid-19 exposure.


The success of Portugal as a property investment destination is complimented by the government’s positive approach towards international buyers, Portugal’s recognition as a secure location and the country’s strong membership within the EU. This, combined with the outstanding natural beauty of its rural interior regions, makes Portugal a highly desirable investment environment.


Tax breaks available to incoming foreigners and returning Portuguese nationals already have boosted property sales. The Golden Visa and Non-habitually Resident (NHR) schemes increasingly are putting Portugal on the map for qualifying, tax-sensitive buyers.


Property, outside Lisbon and Porto, and the Algarve tourist zone, is notably inexpensive when compared to northern and many other southern countries in Europe.


Photo by José Bidarra

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