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The business is run by an experienced team that includes a seasoned property entrepreneur, a fundraising and businesses development specialist and area managers working with specialist local construction teams to ensure the required high quality of finish is achieved.

Additionally, the team includes a real estate professional with proven skills in property documentation, planning, zoning and sales; a specialist tax and accountancy service; an overseeing legal service with expertise in the property sector; an in-house legal advisor on property purchase documentation, a specialist in online rural property sales and a digital marketing specialist.

meet the team

Paul Rees

The rural property business opportunity and operational framework was developed by Paul Rees who now runs the field operations, supports the area managers and is the key decision maker for property selection, based on his knowledge of area, renovation costs and sales potential.

Paul’s passion for rural Portugal’s property remains the driving force behind this new business. His wide network of contacts in this sector and his notable negotiating skills combine with a flair for design and management of the building and renovation processes.

With degree in marketing and two decades in business development and fundraising in the UK, Paul moved to Portugal and 2002 where he successfully has invested in media and multiple property projects, including new-build and renovations.

Kate MacGowan

When presented with the outline for a rural property business and a request for strategic and marketing advice, Kate saw the market potential and invested in the Company from the seed funding stage onwards as an active founder and director.

An internationally experienced business developer, Kate provides commercial consultancy and strategic guidance to individuals and organisations, and has set up, managed and sold her own businesses.

Kate advised on an international $200 million fundraising legacy project for the late Duke of Westminster; the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre, identifying and working with international corporate and individual donors.

Kate ensures that RPF Portugal Lda is run in compliance with Portugal’s often complex commercial and taxation regulations, while selecting and liaising with professional service providers to ensure best advice and smooth operation.

Richard Mills

Richard Mills is an expert in property sales, property documentation and the analysis of local planning regulations.

With a degree in Building Management and a UK background in property development, Richard is highly experienced in project development, building management and cost control. 

Richard is overseeing the development of Rural Properties’ property purchase, renovation and sales processes and has long experience in running demanding projects. 

As the owner of Azul Properties, an estate agency founded in 2002, Richard’s experience of the Portuguese legal system and the complexities of property documentation are invaluable.

Area Managers

A network of experienced property area managers with backgrounds rooted in property valuation, development and sales. There are six area managers in the Central Region and a pool of additional managers on stand-by in preparation for the expansion into rural areas in the north and south. 

Area Managers are recruited by and report to Paul Rees who will work with them on property selection and acquisition and who will sign-off property purchases, renovation design and materials selection, agree budgets and coordinate the promotion and sale of completed projects.

Sue Englefield

Sue Englefield, marketing and website development. Sue is an experienced website administrator skilled in Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design, HTML and Joomla.
Strong marketing professional with a demonstrated history of creating successful online news blogs and working in the real estate sector.


Simon Perks

Simon Perks spent over two decades at Banco Santander Totta in London, focusing on financial solutions for expatriates and leaving as Deputy General Manager to establish Perks Property Finance Solutions. Simon is a Director of Abacus Horizons UK Ltd, Business Banking Solutions Ltd and has been instrumental in the strategic development of the business in Portugal. Simon has a detailed knowledge and experienced view of the Portuguese property and financial markets and is involved in several significant projects.

Richard Lamberth

Richard Lamberth is a shareholder of RPF Portugal Lda, of the Fine & Country estate agency franchise-holder for the Algarve region, and of Open Media Lda which owns multiple newspaper and magazine titles in Portugal. Richard has diverse UK investments in insurance and the arts and a wide-ranging business background, especially in the Portuguese property and media markets. He contributes wisdom and experience to the development of

Amy Kraushaar

Amy Kraushaar, Founder, ExpaCity. This online resource provides expert-based information for those moving and settling-in to Portugal. With a growing, paid-for membership, the business delivers reliable, accurate information by trustworthy professionals via live webinars and a Netflix-style platform. It is especially favoured by US citizens and gives many viewers the confidence and back-up to make the move to Portugal with confidence and positivity. Amy’s extensive network of contacts within Portugal and in the international community, added to her knowledge of how Portugal works for incoming residents are valuable assets to the rural property investment business and to buyers of village and countryside homes.

Professional Service Providers

Taxlibris Contabilidade e Consultoria Lda

Taxlibris Contabilidade e Consultoria Lda in Lisbon, is a highly respected management accountancy practice with a distinguished track record in property related taxation, management consulting and in steering new companies through initial fundraising, controlled expansion and sale. Taxlibris has an in-depth knowledge of the property taxation framework in Portugal and controls and analyses each property project, liaises with the tax authority and ensures rigorous compliance and accuracy when dealing with investor returns.

Dr. Cristina Vasconcelos Afonso

Dr. Cristina Vasconcelos Afonso of Prelhaz Advogados is the Company’s lawyer, covering Portuguese contract law, company filing regulations, its shareholder register and investor registration compliance.

Edge International Lawyers

Edge International Lawyers in Lisbon advised the co-founders in the Lda’s startup stage and remains involved in the business in an advisory capacity. Edge has a history of advising on start-ups and structuring new companies to ensure untroubled compliance and expansion.

Currencies 4 You

Currencies 4 You, with branches throughout Europe, was established in the UK in 2009 in response to the high charges being imposed by banks when exchanging and transferring currency for their customers. The currency exchange business opened its office in Portugal in 2017 and now saves its customers up to 5% on international payments and transfers.

For those transferring investment funds to Portugal, Currencies 4 You uses FCA regulated providers that comply with the European Money Laundering Directive and the UK Money Laundering Regulations. The business is an Authorised Payment Institution, holds client funds in segregated accounts and guarantees security, transparent exchange rates, on-line platform availability, free market analysis to ensure customers purchase at the appropriate time, free transactions, same day payment, a personal manager, forward contracts and a facility to fix a rate for up to 3 years.

Smart Currency Exchange

Smart Currency Exchange is a dedicated currency trader, fully regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority under the payment services regulation for the provision of payment services. For those planning significant international transfers, staying up to date with exchange rates gives peace of mind and potentially saves money. Smart provides guidance on which services suit individual requirements. CLICK HERE for details.

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