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The Springtime euphoria of finishing another village house - Hurrah!

-- is tempered by the work of photographing and publicising the property now that is is for sale.

Rural Properties is well networked locally, using selected real estate agencies, and has a good reach on LinkedIn and FB.

I have been persuaded by senior daughter to look also at using Instagram and TikTok for video and am now am in touch with a video professional who can film me as I stride around the company's various current sites extolling their virtues.

Which social media channels do other sellers use? Which portals are best? How to measure the response? How do I reach the North American market which we are all reading about as Americans are flocking to Portugal.

Is this a case of 'who you know' or simply a game of numbers and percentages? How do others select and quantify the different channels used to communicate with potential buyers?

I have several viewings lined up for the Vale do Rio (Figueiró dos Vinhos) property, pictured below.

Easter is almost upon us and those heading to Portugal on property viewing breaks have pre-booked visits to several of our properties, both completed ones and, interestingly, ones where we are part-way through a renovation.

So far those booking have come equally from property portals and estate agencies - so already I have some data to collect.

Your thoughts on 'channels of communication' will be welcomed...


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