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Innovation and high returns

As more home buyers choose Portugal for its lifestyle, cost of living, climate, safety and stability, its beautiful rural areas increasingly are on the radar for those who wish to avoid tourism hot-spots and cities.

At Rural Properties, we buy, renovate and resell countryside and village homes, using secured funds from individual investors who in return, receive 75% of the net gain on resale. By sticking to the lower end of the rural property market, purchasing properties for below €50,000 for resale at under €200,000, Rural Properties operates in a secure and highly profitable sector in Portugal’s interior, less affected by economic downturns than the mid and upper levels of the property market. Private investors can capitalise on this increasing demand for fully upgraded village and countryside properties, without the anxiety and bureaucracy of selecting, buying and renovating properties themselves.

Rural Properties has a social impact as, by renovating run-down rural properties and reselling them as primary homes, holiday homes or rental properties, inevitably there is a positive impact on local economies. Inland municipalities benefit from an increased property tax income and local business benefit from more trade, schools have more children and abandoned land becomes productive again.

The Rural Properties target return is achieved by carefully selecting properties, buying at low prices, carrying out efficient and cost-effective renovations and by reselling in a buoyant and expanding market. An investment in Rural Properties will suit those with a minimum of €50,000 to invest for a year, with no upper limit.

Want to know more?

The Rural Properties website fully explains the investment process, the market background and the team that is making it happen.

Published in The Portugal Resident


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