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I have found her grave...

Without her full name or date of death, finding the resting place of Nurse Adelina has been an interesting process but on Easter Sunday, I visited the impressive cemetery in Pedrógão Pequeno and found her grave, laid some flowers and offered my thanks.

My appreciation was for the opportunity given to renovate her townhouse after twenty years of it lying empty and full of her clothing, pictures and furniture.

Talking to locals, their appreciation remains, the thanks of generations whose safe births were the result of her care and dedication as the town's nurse for 45 years.

The small hospital from which she administered lies in ruins but her beautiful town square house has remained in sturdy and good repair.

The history of Pedrógão Pequeno stretches back into the mists of time but it was created by its people - not least Nurse Adelina who has my respect and my pledge that her early 19th Century house will be renovated and again take its place as one of the town's finest.


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