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Such a great service from the Council archivist....

I just heard back from the Council Archivist about the old inn/hostel in Central Portugal that Rural Properties is renovating.

Local Councils often hold records going back centuries and future buyers of our older properties appreciate the research we undertake and commission.

"St Peter’s Inn, Pedrógão Grande - this is a private property built in the 17th century. This location is recorded as a Hospital and a Hostel. These old institutions, supporting pilgrims and travelers on the road to Santiago de Compostela. This one would have operated in conjunction with a nearby 15th century chapel, the reason why they gave the property the name of Casa da Albergaria de São Pedro. One of the details of this house is over the main door, where there is a pediment, (see picture), possibly recovered from the original chapel which was located in the square where the house sits." 

From a practical viewpoint, I now know that the layout of the ground floor is unchanged (currently a tavern and a shop) and that the first floor was made into a private home in the late 1800s, using the space that originally would have been a dormitory.


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