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Out with the old - in with the new

This old 'Reguladora SARL' electricity meter was in a long-abandoned property. I estimate that the equipment is from the '70s.

The property, with no registered owners, has been purchased by Rural Properties after some interesting legal work.

Fearing a long delay for reconnection and trying to plan ahead, I gathered my remaining strength and yesterday visited the nearest EDP utility company outlet and started the 'new account' process with very little of the 'normal' paperwork required.

I signed some documents and finished this process 25 minutes later, at 14:55 yesterday.

By 14:56 this afternoon, the energy company team had visited the site, reconnected the mains, added a shiny new meter and bid me a cheery farewell.

How's that for service? 24-hours plus one minute, from start to finish.

Praise where praise is due!


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