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In the know...

I was offered this cottage today for half its market value.


The estate agency involved can not legally post a listing as the old cottage's ownership lacks certain documentation.

This is a not uncommon circumstance when a house has been inherited without written proof of transfer of ownership. Now, both parties are deceased.

I have been down this road before and successfully purchased property with no legally defined ownership and no written records.

The house shown, when renovated, will earn an estimated 20-22% net from tourist rentals and there's an inbuilt capital gain of 60-75%.

The turnaround time is 6-months from start with no time-bending licensing needed from the local council. is rebuilding another rental property near this one, and I saw a third today with an equivalent estimated rental yield.

If you want to find out more about how Rural Properties can set you up in the tourist rental business in Central Portugal, you are welcome to message or call me.


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