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Grape-splat horror - the answer was so obvious...

This village property in Central Portugal has been renovated and is for sale, (a snip at €89,950) but what to do about the grapes ripening overhead now that it's harvesting season and they are starting to go 'splat' onto the newly tiled yard?

When faced with a business problem such as this, i.e. it's immediate and the downside is obvious, what's the best way forward?

Sometimes it's to look backward and see how solutions were arrived at in the past. Observation and communication are key.

In the case of this impending grape-spat, it dawned on me that the previous owner of the property had no space for wine-making equipment.

Discrete local enquiries revealed that in past years, the neighbour picked the grapes, cleaned up any mess, made the wine in his own cellar and compensated for the raw material input by handing over a generous number of finished bottles.

Grape-splat avoided, harmony achieved with neighbour, raw materials fully used and an end-product supplied at zero financial cost.

Now that's what I call a result...


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